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Boykin Spaniel Society
2008 Upland Field Trial Results

January 19-20, 2008
H. Cooper Black Recreational Area - Patrick, SC

It was a cold and wet trial with rain and snow on Saturday and highs in the low 40's on Sunday
Congratulations to all the participants for weathering the storm!


Judges – Cathy Lewis & Mike Wallace
12 entries

2008 Upland Open Champion - HR Just A Home Wrecker – UICH06 – owned & handled by John Huddleston
2nd - HR UH Just Ducky’s Justaddducks – owned by Jerry Bozeman, handled by Gene Putnam
3rd - HR UH Hi-Brass Harley - owned by Kevin Freeman/K Parkman, handled by Jule Parkman
4th - HRCH St. Thomas Chief owned & handled by Dan Reel


Judges – Cathy Lewis & Mike Wallace
17 entries

2008 Upland Intermediate Champion - HR UH Moss Point’s Elijah – owned & handled by Jack Shannon
2nd - Gainer’s Pride Blunder – owned by George Gainer, handled by Dan Stone
3rd - Carolina Magic Chaser – owned & handled by Harriet Clark
4th - HR UH Hi-Brass Harley – owned by Kevin Freeman/K Parkman, handled by Jule Parkman
Jam – HR Brandywine’s Mighty Duramax – owned & handled by Phil Hinchman


Judges – Deb Schoene & Bruce Kephart
35 entries

2008 Upland Novice Champion - Charlie Espy - owned & handled by Brian Espy
2nd - OTM Win One For The Gipper - owned & handled by John Huddleston
3rd – HR Just Ducky’s First Edition – owned & handled by Anne Livingston
4th – Richland’s Camden Legacy – owned by Anne Livingston, handled by Welsh Livingston


Lily’s Promise to Piper, owned by Bill & Dawn Crites, handled by Dawn Crites
River’s Turn Son of Sam – owned & handled by Robin Sprigg
Story’s Cocoa Break – owned & handled by Welsh Livingston
OTM’s No Last Call LC Mae – owned & handled by Kevin Kees

HR AJ Jumper – owned & handled by James Barbare
Lily – owned & handled by Ray Bloom
Pocotaligo Annie of Cedar Grove – owned by James Kinnear, handled by Don Brown
Carolina Magic Ruby – owned by Jayne Raymond/Sheila Johnston, handled by Jayne Raymond
Web’s Lil Trapper Brown BD – owned & handled by Rich Mathias
Hurricane Charley Radar – owned & handled by Dan Stone