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Boykin Spaniel Society
2009 Upland Field Trial Results

January 16-18, 2009
H. Cooper Black Recreational Area - Patrick, SC

It was a cold and wet trial with frigid temperatures both days and drizzling rain on Sunday
Congratulations to all the participants for weathering the storm!


Novice Judges – Deb Schoene and Bruce Kephart
42 entries

Novice Gunners Choice - Emmas Buck Creek Sadie

2009 Upland Novice Champion: Brandywines Duramizer Chip - owned by Phil and Karen Hinchman, handled by Phil Hinchman

2nd: OTM’s Win One For The Gipper - owned and handled by John Huddleston
3rd: OTM’s No Last Call LC Mae - owned and handled by Kevin Kees
4th: Pocotaligo Annie Of Cedar Grove - owned by James Kinnear, handled by Dan Brown

Justalildog’lldoya - owned by Pam Kadlec, handled by James Barbare
Rock’n Creek Lord of the Wings - owned and handled by John Huddleston
Rocky’s Georgia Peach - owned and handled by Frank Semken
Mr. Winchester - owned by Adam and Shawn Littlefield, handled by Adam Littlefield

Larry’s Copper Penny - owned and handled by Larry Lynch
Webs Best Sweet Gypsy Rose - owned and handled by Mary Ann Mathias
Maggie Rose - owned by Amy Keith,handled by Danny Keith
Curious Missy - owned and handled by Clint Evert
Chase - owned by Chris Barbare, handled by James Barbare
Brandywines Front Paige News - owned and handled by Phil Hinchman
Emmas Buck Creek Sadie - owned and handled by Todd Deal
Story’s Cocoa Break - owned and handled by Welch Livingston
Shadow Bend Gabe’s Gabrielle - owned by Becki Anderson, handled by Rick Anderson
Chief - owned and handled by Mike Elliott
Pocotaligo Texas Willie - owned and handled by Daniel Hendrick
Harley Maurer - owned and handled by Chris Maurer


Intermediate Judges: Cathy Lewis and Mike Witt
22 entries
Intermediate Gunners Choice – Richlands Reese’s Piece of Work

2009 Upland Intermediate Champion: Maggie Rose - owned by Amy Keith, handled by Danny Keith

2nd: HRCH Richland Stonewall Jackson - owned by Butch and Jane Herb, handled by Butch Herb
3rd: Pocotaligo Shotgun Red- owned by Greg Hendrick/Kim Parkman, handled by Greg Kendrick
4th: Bogey - owned and handled by Richard Gardner

Richland Reeses Piece of Work - owned and handled by Danny Keith
Carolina Magic Chaser - owned by Lee and Harriette Clark, handled by Harriette Clark


Open Judges: Cathy Lewis and Mike Witt
19 entries
Open Gunners Choice - Brandywines Chocolate Covered Cherry

2009 Upland Open Champion: HRCH UH Graham’s Carolina Wrangler - owned and handled by Sammy Graham

2nd: HR Just a Home Wrecker - owned and handled by John Huddleston
3rd: Pocotaligo Shotgun Red - owned by Greg Hendrick/K Parkman, handled by Greg Kendrick
4th: HRCH UH Saint Thomas Chief - owned and handled by Dan Reel

HR Amanda of Pocotaligo - owned and handled by Devon Ruth
HR UH Just Ducky's Justadducks, owned by Jerry Bozeman, handled by Gene Putnam