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MuleApr16_011 (61K) GRHRCH UH Just Ducky's Justforkicks - "The Mule"
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Home of 3-time Boykin Spaniel Society National Open Champion:
HRCH UH Curlee Gurlee

3-time Boykin Spaniel Society National Open Champion and 2500 HRC point dog: GRHRCH UH Just Ducky's Justforkicks
and 6 Generations of Just Ducky Boykin Spaniels earning
UKC Hunting Retriever Club titles



There is no greater joy than hunting with a well-trained retriever.

At Just Ducky Academy each dog is trained according to his/her personality.

Clicker training – a positive reinforcement method using food treats - is utilized on all new students. Once the pupil is conditioned to respond reliably, the food incentive is removed gradually and then completely.

All students are also e-collar conditioned so that when negative reinforcement is required the least amount of stimulation can be used to get positive results.

Whistle, voice and hand signals are utilized on all commands

January, 2011 - A few openings available to outside (not Just Ducky pups or established clients) dogs. Make your reservations now for Fall!

Reservations required (usually 3 months in advance)

Limited enrollment for a maximum of 10 cadets.

Course Catalog:
Obedience -
Heel, Here, Sit, Down, and Place commands taught. This is a stand-alone course for dog owners who don't wish to hunt their dog. If incorporated with Gun Dog training the pup is also introduced to water, bumpers and birds to evaluate hunting drive. Four-five week course. $600.00

RipBoat.jpg - 26027 Bytes Basic Gun Dog -  -
Pre-requisite - All dogs coming in for Gun Dog training must have had a minimum of one month of PuppyK or it's equivalent (owner has introduced pup to birds, guns, basic puppy commands)
(Each student is recommended to have a three-month minimum semester) Obedience work, introduction to shotguns, birds, boats and decoys implemented in training. Concentrated work on single retrieves and basic obedience. Conditioned retrieve training implemented as needed to channel energies to the work at hand. By the end of the 3-months most pups will be steady to shot and deliver to hand. $600.00 per month.

Advanced Gun Dog - -
Continuation of Basic Gun Dog. 3-month minimum semester recommended. Training consists of moving into doubles, beginning blind retrieve drills, introducing 'walk-ups', diversions, and honoring. Time frame varies with each individual dog.
Training log kept on each individual dog, upon request, for those owners who wish to continue training -$700.00 per month.

Hunt Test/Gun Dog
(For those who want to trial their spaniel as well as hunt) Student is expected to have a three-month minimum semester of basic gun dog training. Steadiness, shotguns, birds, boats and decoys implemented in training as well as honoring, line manners, bank running adamantly discouraged.
Training log kept on each individual dog, upon request, for those owners who wish to continue training - $700.00 per month plus trial expenses.

Puppy Kindergarten
(4 - 6 months of age)Clicker training utilized for a positive initiation to learning. Beginning obedience, stress on retrieving/swimming, introduction to gunfire, boats, and decoys. $500.00 per month. 

Upland Gun DogTraining Student is required to have a three-month minimum semester of basic gun dog training or it's equivalent (owner has worked dog on sitting to the whistle, gunfire, birds and basic obedience). Pup is taught to quarter, flush game and be steady to flush and shot as well as deliver birds to hand. Quail/pigeons used (not available during the summer months). $700.00 per month plus birds

**The Academy covers all feed expenses  unless specific diet required.

Just Ducky Kennel recommends 4Health Performance, Diamond Extreme Athlete, or Purina Pro Plan Performance

Weekly reports via e-mail on each student upon request

Health certificate required, as well as monthly heartworm and flea/tick medications.

Individualized training to meet your spaniel's personality needs.

PamK_Lucky.jpg - 29682 BytesPamela O. Kadlec, Dean of Retriever Studies
79 Wood Duck Drive
Edgefield, SC 29824
(803) 637-2007

Over 30 years experience training, trialing, hunting and judging dogs.


Meet the Academy's formerAssistant Professors:
Curlee, Sammy, Lucky, and Bette

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