Two Year Co-ownership (Non-Breeding ) Contract


These contracts are samples only. If you wish to use them, please get advise from your attorney and amend them any way needed to suit your purposes.



This is to represent a contract between _________________________ (Seller),

and ________________________ (Buyer). This contract is in reference to Boykin Spaniel puppy named

__________________________________(BSL# _________)

The parents of this pup are __________________________________ (BSR#_________________)

and ____________________________(BSR#_________________)

This contract is for a period of two years from date of birth, _________, and is in reference to OFA and CERF certification of the above mentioned Boykin spaniel's hips, heart and eyes.

This contractual agreement is to insure that the Buyer(s) do not mate (breed) the above mentioned Boykin until the OFA (hip and heart) and CERF certification processes have been completed. After this two year period and when the above mentioned dog obtains OFA (hip and heart) and CERF certifications this contract is completed. If the above mentioned dog does not receive OFA (hip and heart) and CERF certifications, a decision will be made by both parties as to whether the dog should be neutered. If and when this dog is used for breeding all efforts will be made to find a mate with comparable health clearances.

The only stipulation of this contract for this dog is the health certifications of the above mentioned Boykin’s hips, heart and eyes. No other contingencies exist. After a period of two years and the above certifications are met, this contract will be terminated. _________________________________________________________________


I agree to the above contractual agreement.

Seller (print and sign) _______________________________________

Buyer (print and sign) _______________________________________

Date ____________________


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